Information on the Long-term Care Workers' Survey

Thank you for your interest in the the Long-Term Care Workers’ Survey

We are pleased to invite your participation in the Long-Term Care Workers’ Survey,
conducted by researchers from York University, Carleton University and the University
of British Columbia.

Key Canadian unions from across Canada are our partners: the Canadian Federation
of Nurses’ Unions, including the Nova Scotia Nurses Union, the Ontario Nurses
Association, the Manitoba Nurses Union and United Nurses of Alberta; the
Canadian Union of Public Employees, including the Hospital Employees’ Union,

Your participation in the survey will provide important information about your longterm
care work and any challenges you face.
The survey will be conducted in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and
Nova Scotia.

The first Long-term Care Workers’ Survey was first conducted with union partners a
decade ago. This groundbreaking study investigated work in Canadian LTC facilities
and compared conditions with those in Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark
and Finland). Our findings brought important attention to workplace issues such as
violence against workers and under-staffing.

We are now conducting this Long-term Care Workers’ Survey in British Columbia,
Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia to understand ongoing changes as well as
areas that require more attention.

Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary and your responses will
be kept completely confidential. Only the researchers will review your responses.
We will not identify you in any way. This research has been approved by the Human
Participants Review Sub-Committee of York University, Carleton University and the
University of British Columbia’s Ethics Review Boards and conforms to the standards
of the Canadian Tri-Council Research Ethics guidelines. The study has been funded by
the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

This survey includes questions about your work and its conditions, and some
demographic questions. It will take about 30 minutes to finish. The information will
inform research, policy and practice changes to Canadian LTC facilities. We will
report overall findings back to your union.

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